Guillotine Window

Guillotine Window Solutions for Balcony, Hotels, Restaurants, Sunny Rooms and Terrace!

Artdeco Outdoor Products Are Environmentally Friendly, Innovative and of High Quality Standards.

Vertically operating insulated glass panel wall that becomes glass railing when fully open- when panels stacked downwards. Convert your space from fully enclosed to open space with push of a button.

Basic colours

Color : RAL7016

RAL 7016

Color : RAL7016S

RAL 7016S

Color : RAL8014

RAL 8014

Color : RAL9006

RAL 9006

Color : RAL9007

RAL 9007

Color : RAL9010

RAL 9010

Guillotine Window Solutions

Guillotine Window

Artdeco Guillotine Windows are ideal for..