How about beautifying your winter garden with pergola systems? As it is known, winter is not a pleasant season for many people due to the cold weather conditions that limit the use of gardens and terraces. For this reason, you can create a new space for yourself by renovating your winter garden. For this, firstly, close the area you will use with the pergola system. Then, with the right arrangements you will make, open a new place to enjoy this comfort.

Back pergola system, in the most general definition, are smart systems that can be opened bidirectionally electrically or manually and protect from external factors such as sun, rain, snow and wind. They are designed according to the seasonal and climatic conditions of the region to be used and are made of special materials against wear and corrosion. In addition, Artdeco Outdoor uses machines, motors, aluminium structures and accessories produced mainly in Europe for assembly and installation.

When decoration is considered as a whole, every detail from the furniture you choose for your winter garden to lighting should be considered. First of all, you need to choose comfortable and warm furniture for spending time outdoors in winter. In addition, seat covers that create a pleasant appearance can also be added. For the right lighting, you can choose led bulbs and spotlights. Finally, it is a good choice to add beauty to the environment with durable winter plants. With all these, if we combine the pergola systems with the colour and model options you want, you will be offered a new living space.

These systems, which are frequently preferred today, bring many advantages with them. For example, it can be controlled remotely with the remote control, it can be easily cleaned thanks to its opening and closing feature, it is made of very robust materials and can provide thermal insulation of the environment. In addition to these, it can be used for four seasons thanks to its ergonomic design. It also creates a visual integrity by adapting to all architectural structures and projects.

You can choose back pergola systems in accordance with the existing design of your garden or terrace. In this way, you determine the use of extra areas according to your own taste.

In other words, it is in your hands to beautify your winter garden, with an aesthetic touch that will improve your quality of life, enjoy the view while being protected from cold weather conditions.